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One Love – Bridging Communities/ Cumunidades Series Schedule*

*(There may be changes or substitutions depending on the availability of the speakers.)

Week One,  Sept 10th  & 13th, and Week Two Sept 17th & 20th:  A Biblical history and perspective on immigration.  Ordained minister Chris Warner-Cary will use the Wesleyan Quadrilateral (Experience, Reason, Tradition and Scripture) to expound on what we see as our called response to our neighbors, whomever they may be or wherever they are from.

Week Three,  Sept 24th & 27th: Using Half Moon Bay Company, Future Partners (futurepartners.is) innovative system of “Thinking Wrong,” people from both cultures will work together to discover how the status quo stands in our way, and discover what’s possible when self imposed limits are removed.

Week Four Oct 1st & 4th:  ALAS Founder Belinda Arriaga Ed.E, will lead us in a conversation about the daily stress our neighbors are under regarding immigration (among other things like affordable housing.)  We will hear an individual testimony, and there will be a brief legal tutorial on the challenging “Path to Citizenship” particular to Mexicans.

Week Five Oct 08th and 11th: Film will be our medium this week as we watch as react to different stories.  Popcorn provided!  ******We will also have the opportunity to help ALAS mariachi dancers with their Pumpkin Festival Float on October 9th*******

Week Six Oct 14th*(this is a Saturday) and 18th: This is Pumpkin Festival weekend so there will be no formal class on Sunday.  Instead, on Saturday, we are invited to walk behind the ALAS mariachi dancers in the parade along side our latino neighbors as a show of love and community. 

On Wed, Oct 18th we will have a candlelight vigil at MacDutra park at 7pm. This will be a faithful coming together and standing together in peace and hope.  Listen to music, hear encouraging words and experience a united community.

Week Seven Oct 22nd and 25th:  Organizer and Facilitator Alice Linsmeier  will lead a discussion on the internal progression of compassion.  Compassion is a response to the knowledge of suffering; but where does it come from?  How do we cultivate what His Holiness the Dali Lama calls “this supreme emotion? “ Alice will share her experience of living as an activist in El Salvador during the civil war and how she was able to bring her compassion back to the US.

Week Eight Oct 29 only.(no Wednesday class this week) The ALAS Mariachi Dancers will be performing briefly in the courtyard of CUMC from appx 11:15-11:45 after which time we will congregate in the Social Hall for food, fellowship and an information fair.  Representatives from CUMC Social Justice Committee, ALAS, Faith in Action, Immigration Action Group, Coastside Hope and Abundant Grace.  Learn what these essential organizations are doing in and around the coast and how you can become a part of the change you want to see.

****Please also join us Sunday mornings for church as Pastor Lisa leads us through the stories of Exodus and their relevance to immigrants and refugees. Special music Sunday Sept 10th and Oct 1st (World Communion Sunday)