We give thanks to  God and invite you to join us for our new Wednesday evening program at CUMC.  Please join us for all or any part of the evening, as we seek God breaking into our ordinary time.  Each Wednesday evening program begins with dinner in the Social Hall.

man and clockEach KAIROS evening has three parts.  Follow these links for more information, or scroll down for a listing of the upcoming stories for KAIROS worship.

Upcoming Stories for Worship …

Dr. Seuss stories: they are fun, they have something for everyone, they teach us to be good people. Come explore the Christian faith through Dr. Seus’s stories.

1/21 On Beyond Zebra



We welcome you to join us as we explore our faith and On Beyond Zebra.







1/28 Put Me in the Zoo

putMeInTheZooWhile not a Dr. Seuss book, Put Me in the Zoo is part of Seussville and fits right in with our spiritual journey.  Can a leopard change its spots?  Come find out if Spot can.